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Join us for this mini yoga retreat morning of yoga honouring the light and dark within.

We will begin with a Hot Vinyasa flow to move your body and fire up your Agni - embracing the fiery heat and light of the sun, flowing to the sounds of Shamanic Drums. Followed by a soulful practice of Yin and Relaxation - slowing, opening, releasing and cooling the body, embracing the calming energy of the moon and the darkness to the sounds of Angels.  We close the practice with a Palo Santo cleansing ceremony and guided visualisation meditation to connect you with your spirit animal.  Then, join us for a tea, some vegan nibblies and the opportunity to chat about your experience with like-minded souls. All levels welcome - beginners to advanced.

Where: Hot Yoga Oxenford - 5 Cottonwood Drive, Oxenford

When: Sunday 10th April 2022 - 10.00am to 12.30pm

Cost: $45.00

For Tickets -- Click this link https://get.mndbdy.ly/3yNVRlyMtob